December 2, 2012

I Didn't Win

How many of us really don't have a pot to, you know what, in?

I know I am hardly at the poverty level, but hey, I don't REALLY have $5 to spare!

Nevertheless, the lotto reached historic proportions and I fell into the haze and even purchased a ticket from one of those LOTTO machines at my local Jewel! I NEVER do that!

What is it about insanely ginormous amounts of money that makes us all go wacky?

With chances at 1:175million why would we even speculate the possibility?

Many do and many win! But those of us who are left behind with that "losing" ticket often feel a sense of intense let-down!

Many of us were making jokes but I, for one, became pissed that A) I fell into this madness and B) DIDN'T WIN!

I know it is hilarious in many respects, but how do you really feel when you typically don't gamble but get sucked in to a frenzied whirlwind when there is a big jackpot?

For me it sucked, but I know ~ "You gotta play to win!"


Tom Brennan said...

I buy at least one ticket a day for one of the various Arizona games, usually choosing "Quick Pick". Sure, the odds are long, but I simply write it off as "entertainment".

5 days before Christmas last year, I won "$500 on a "Quick Pick" for the "Fantasy 5". Since moving expenses had largely cleaned me out, it sure made my Christmas last year a lot happier.

~Dwana said...

Man Tom, you are making want to keep up my playing! Hmmmm....