November 27, 2012

More Fire!

So HOW much do I love Chicago Fire???

Well, if I am on my way to work and see the set I exclaim loudly "YAY!!!!" Folks standing on bus stops can attest to this outburst! As well as my sons!

I LOVE the show SO much that I am writing about it AGAIN!

My uncle was a fireman and when he passed away, I had never seen such support, camaraderie and genuine love.

Even my son was overwhelmed and impressed by The Chicago Fire Department's affection for one of their fallen.

So, when I watch, I think about the many stories my uncle told throughout the years. Even after he retired, he attended firemen breakfasts. It remained his life until he died.

Chicago Fire really captures what I envisioned in my mind my entire life. Hope you tune in to catch FIRE!

Today were the services for my beloved Aunt Connie. Her son Brian, also a Chicago Fireman - who was, by the way,  heavily mentored by my Uncle, had such an amazing turnout of firemen in support that I just have to say, "Well-done Chicago Fire, well-done."

My friend @EdmundCruz tweeted about a @NBCChicagoFire mishap and made us famous!!


Sarah Parisi said...

I haven't seen Chicago Fire yet. I'll have to check it out!

~Dwana said...

Yes Sarah, it is riveting!!