November 23, 2012

Its The Day After, BUT I'm Still Eating!

Growing up I was a huge lover of the holidays. I mean, who wasn't, right? It was a chance to play with all of my cousins and to have my Granma's mince-meat (basically fruit & spices) pie ALL to myself.

None of my other cousins cared for her pies, while I absolutely ADORED them. Especially warmed with her vanilla ice-cream.

I have NO idea where the tradition began. I assume her being Nola-born was an influencer. It would be years and years before I would even care or learn just what "mince-meat" is all about. It never occurred to me that I would have to live over half my life without my beloved Gran. I was about 21 when I lost her.

Thankfully, my mother picked up the torch and has been VERY good, and gracious, about making them both for Thanksgiving and Christmas. I eat them ALL BY MYSELF!

No, I still have no idea what they are made of, nor do I know the recipe. At 45, I'm really no longer concerned and simply enjoying... albeit savoring, if you will, each morsel...yep, every single bite.

Can you almost smell the luxurious lusciousness??? OH BOY YUM!

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