November 3, 2012


For years I have driven by this "Food Mart".  YEARS! YES! YEARS! At least 7-10 years!

I have even seen my crack-head clients out front allegedly "shopping" for their families. Yes, I often asked, "What were you doing in front of the drive-thru Food Mart", "Do they really sell food"? But, I was always told that it was a legitimate business. Yes, I was told this by career felons, yes... I know ... what? Well, not ALL felons lie, ALL the time, but NO, you are right - I did not buy it for one second!

It was a very busy grocer, too. There were always folks hanging out, pulling in, caravanning in and out. It was, after-all,  a drive-thru. Yup, a drive-thru!

I have often muttered to myself, "yea, I'll take a six-pack, head of lettuce, onions and toilet paper...oh you don't have none of that? Just the six-pack? okay, and a pound of crack? cool"... I'd laugh to myself wondering who actually goes to get what you need? Do you hand the server a list? Do they only take cash? YEARS I have had these conversations with myself and seriously thought about these things on my daily drive home!

I had even, on occasion, contemplated ... heck, I need cereal ... should I??? I would always listen to the tiny voice that would loudly proclaim, inside my chest, "HELL NAW! IS YOU CRAZEEEE!"

Thereby, after my insides would yell at me, I would simply keep driving...shaking my head at the urban anomaly, and venture to a Jewel, Costco or Target Fresh Mart know, like normal people.

Very recently, my Mayor put notice on "Stores" and "Establishments" that are really hubs and covers for gang activity (also known as terrorism or enemy combatant activity - WAKE UP LEGISLATORS) and drug sales ....

Bye-bye In and Out Drive Thru Food Mart. I am really glad that I was never a customer....

Do you have a weird, drug, gang-banging hub in your community? If so, how has your community combated it?

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