October 4, 2012

Taking The Edge Off

Almost done!
Rodrigo "Solo" Mireles
Chicago has always been gritty and edgy.

Many of the young people I meet have no recollection that Chicago's gorgeous skyline used to be a no-man's land.

As a young girl, I recall having to leave downtown before dark or be victim to some 80's-style sleaziness!

I would spend all day on Saturdays with my cousins at The Chicago Theatre or The United Artists matinees having the rats eat popcorn with us during "7 Brothers Meet Dracula" or some other kung-fu flick!

I am pretty sure that when Jean Baptiste Pointe Du Sable first settled in the Chi, it was no cake-walk either!

I don't ever see Chicago having a clean and sparkly image, but I do know that we will continue to grow and maintain. We will remain beautiful and unique!

Especially as we promote artists such as Rodrigo "Solo" Mireles. Mireles, a Chicago native, a member of the Aerosoul Crew and student of the American Academy of Art, has images that have such originality and distinction.

My neighborhood is plagued by terrorists who can't read but love to "TAG" other people's property... and NOT in the name of art or expression mind you. Thankfully I have a pro-active Alderman who has taken our TIF monies and grants, I assume, and commissioned some of the best artists to come forth and give us a glimpse of what is spinning around inside their brains!


The one by Rodrigo is a favorite, but during the month, I will be sharing more of what is blossoming from the walls of Pilsen. Be sure to take a walk around, you will not be sorry!


Michelle said...

That's beautiful. And Chicago in the 80s? Yeah... I remember going to a game at Comiskey and watching a guy get stabbed. *sigh* I'm so grateful that people aren't just giving up though!

~Dwana said...

Oh Michelle! You aren't old enough to remember the 80's!!! ;-) thanks for stopping over!!!