September 24, 2012

Urban Decay

Lovely new art I have on my garage

Everyone hates terrorists. I especially hate terrorists and tell them on every occasion I get, which lately, is A LOT! All day at work, I tell them I hate them. I am specific. I hate their idiocy. I hate their arrogance. I hate that they utilize their God-given talents terrorizing others. I abhor that they THINK they own something when they are actually destroyers and pillagers of the community. They are murderers and horribly insensitive people. They are the cancer of our society, and when you put it to them like that they roll their eyes down in shame.

Gangs are terrorists. I have told them this time and time again, and guess what, THEY GET OFFENDED! If I had a dollar for every time a gang banger said, "I ain't no terrorist", I would be happily retired on a quiet island with the love of my life sipping mojitos!

Whomever penned "What goes around, comes around" should be penned down and forced to eat sour whipped cream, because I suppose my constant bitching about urban terror has literally brought it to my door-step.

Ah, the joy of urban living and urban terrorism. I don't care though. I'm going to keep saying it until legislators hear me and begin charging these purveyors of destruction like jihadists and suicide bombers! Urban terrorists are worse though because they are rebels without a cause. They are mindless, evil, bored, brats who should serve federal time and then be shipped across seas to clean up brain matter.

/end rant.


Tom Brennan said...

I saw a t-shirt (on an elderly lady) that made me smile, and which you'll probably appreciate. It read, "Some call it bitching. I call it motivational speaking." Here's a link if you want to order your own copy:

~Dwana said...

loved it! lol, thanks Tom!