September 28, 2012

What MORE Could I Want?

Chicago Sept. 2012
 woke up with SO many wants today!!!

I had an amazing week though ... Monday my incredible guy got us FLOOR SEATS at the "Welcome 2 Chicago" PRINCE concert! I LOVE Prince, and my guy, so heaven describes that evening!!

But like any human, I still WANT!

I WANT the White Sox to WIN ~ AND KICK Detroit in the bottom!

I WANT the weather to stay JUST LIKE THIS - until June 2013. 

AND well, I could really go on ....

and on....

BUT I won't.

Anyone else find themselves insatiable??


Lisa said...

I want peace on earth. :)

~Dwana said...

Lisa, hmmm ... what a nice sentiment ... thanks for commenting! :-D

Laila @OnlyLaila said...

Floor seats to see Prince!! NICE!
I do have a lot list of wants right about now. I have to remind myself to take in what I have and everything will work out.

~Dwana said...

Laila, ha ha! yes, I agree if we take it all in chances are things will work out :-)