September 13, 2012

Day 4

...I felt like this bug hanging outside of my office window. Just kinda free-falling against a blue sky.

The world has gone mad. People are so rude, selfish and self-righteous. So quick to spit on you, or cuss you out because you are different from them, think differently than they do, or walk to the tune of a different drummer.

I feel like a foreigner in my own life.  Is it wrong to want these kids back in school and off the streets ... or worse, having to go and sit in court with their crackhead, wayward parents?

There were so many kids accompanying their parents in court today I wanted to vomit.

A CTU striker brought his kid, and dog, to the picket line this morning near my job, which is at a busy thoroughfare. The dog overpowered the kid and ran into traffic. Collateral damage of this strike, I suppose.

Thankfully, the young teen-aged offenders that came in my office today were not affected by the strike because they are already in alternative schools. For once alternative school is a good thing, at least the young man I spoke with is still learning something. He was thankful too. He said that he was glad he can still go to school. He wants to do better this time around (he has a prior felony), maybe get a skill under his belt that will lead to a nice job. I bleed for him because, at 16, he has so much possibility. He is articulate and bright.

It's not easy being green.

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