September 12, 2012

Day 3


"The Strike" is now in day 3 with no end in sight.

It is even spawning other strikes.

I posted about my views over at and received a bit of press

Believe me, as my own department gets ready for negotiations, I am all for unions. My allegiance, however, is to the kids. What we can do for them is more important than squabbling in public.

Trust me, I hear the aggravated, the offended, the criminally insane all day long. We need more positivity in Chicago - The Land Of Violent Kids

They deserve to be in school, let the adults hash it out without affecting their classroom time.

The state should not allow certain entities to strike. There could be lunch-time walk-offs, sit-ins, other ways to get the media-blitz and keep focus on the issues at hand. How about letter bombardments to legislators? Many things would also be effective, if we just took the time to think about it.

To have these kids idle, unengaged, and seeing the rage is not healthy. Not at all.

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