July 10, 2012

Rae Lewis-Thornton new book! ~ The Politics Of Respectability

We all know the world can be cruel.

People love to pass judgement, and taunt one another, if circumstances or faces do not mirror theirs.

Bullying, by the big and small, remains painful and we can all attest to the fact that tolerance could use a boob job. Or at the very least a training bra, because it is sagging badly and there is a true chance that there could be some droppage right down to our knee caps.

One of my dearest friends knows all of these categories all too well.

Rae Lewis Thornton was the very first heterosexual woman to tell her story in a national publication. She is an amazingly, giving, strong friend and she has issued a guide to counteracting some of the trickier situations some of us fall into.

The Politics Of Respectability by Rae Lewis-Thornton chronicles some of the issues around stigma, class and race within certain communities and how it rears its ugly head needlessly around certain subject matter.

Rae tackles the subject matter as she does everything else - HEAD ON and WITH NO FEAR.

She is a warrior, so please check it out!

image used with permission

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