May 23, 2012

What Are Your Fave Summer Staples?

What are your favorite summer staples? How do you bring the summer sun to your wardrobe?

Many of you are certainly aware by now, if you are even simply an occasional reader of this blog, THAT I LOVE WARM WEATHER!!!

I LIVE for SUMMER and certainly enjoy the warmer weather wardrobes.

My summer staples are SO important and do not simply encompass style and fashion, but are very specific to a summer lifestyle!

Staples that I keep on hand for summer weather include a good classic pair of "shades"!

Like, okay, the perfect pair of sunglasses is a must! I prefer purchasing them in warmer climates (definitely purchase outside of Illinois) because they are more commonplace and thereby, cheaper. Buying them in Chicago right now is akin to taking out a small business loan, seriously. I was in Macy's yesterday and there were none cheaper than $250! I have four pair right now that I purchased in Florida. I was window shopping and was simply testing my theory and now see that I will now need to check the Nordstrom Rack or Loehmann's to see what they have. My tip is, while you are away on Spring Break, pick up an expensive name-brand for less in one of those finer shopping strip-malls.

Another staple is tea bags, lemons, cucumbers, strawberries, and my choice of sweetener, Agave Syrup! When the weather is warm, one must stay hydrated and water can get boring. My family purchased one of these pitchers for me and it rocks!

This leads to another health-enthused idea. With your skin being properly infused with water, it is key to also supplement that "glow" with a decent bronzer. The blushed look is key to feeling your best even though you may still be overworked and stressed out.

MUST HAVE SHOES!!! Now there may be some seasons when you may go without purchasing a new boot or slingback, but summer is not one of them! DSW, and you should now go hand in hand ... whatever, or wherever - go buy some nice, new, toe-showcasing shoes!

FInally, the last thing I absolutely pay attention to is veering away from my beloved black. I wear black ALL the time, but in summer months, I REALLY try, very hard, to add color ... or dress lightweight so as to take advantage of the breezes and the awesome fact that you may get invited to the beach, a bbq and coffee on RUSH STREET all in one day!!

Happy Memorial DAY!!!!

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