May 31, 2012

The First Husband by Laura Dave

The First Husband by Laura Dave

Having gone through a divorce that left me on public aid, and homeless for a few months while my new home was being rehabbed, has left me with very little patience for relationship sagas. No matter how intriguing, they inevitably leave me reliving my horror. Reading The First Husband was not the chore I thought it was going to be though! I was tongue in cheek the first few chapters as our main character, Annie Adams, so comfortable in her life, gets smacked with the reality that her mate is leaving. THEN I fell helplessly, as Annie manages courage and gumption in rediscovering herself, and blossoming, as she defines what is healthy for her in a relationship.

What have you learned from your relationship encounters? Do you feel every relationship is a journey to your one true thing? Has a bad relationship stunted you or given you courage to blossom?

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