March 26, 2012

What are your tricks for framing off your face?

What are your favorite tips and tricks for framing and showing off your beautiful face?

As the years move forward, and gravity re-enforces its presence, I have begun to be quite creative with my make-up.

My mother always described me as "rough-dry" meaning I would literally jump out of the shower wet, throw on my clothes and run out the door as a young woman. Yup, sans makeup, blow-drier, and iron!

It drove my mother and sister insane. They regularly comment now on my coifed appearance the past 20 years with a "Who ARE YOU?!!!" Yes, it still shocks them, and they still exclaim, and well, now my niece has joined them as if she REALLY remembers when I was "rough-dry"!!

Well, maybe she does, but I doubt it! She was like 2!

Now days I take my time to coordinate - "BANG". I have to blow-dry the poof or it puffs and the dark circles make me look like an alien - SO, here are my make-up tricks!

After putting on mineral-based foundation and bronzer and a weeee bit of under-eye concealer of course:

1)  medium to light shades on the lowest lid depending on the occasion

2) light to nude coloring on the upper lid

3) if after 5, or a party, add a daring color gold, blue, dark chocolate

I use lots of mascara and bronzer if I am going out to make my face appear slimmer and younger!


                                  photos courtesy of Houseonahillorg

What tricks do you use to trick time? Or do you even try? Or are you young and "rough-dry"???

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