February 27, 2012

What are YOUR favorite beauty tools??

What are your  favorite beauty tools?

Now that I am officially in my mid-forties, my "beauty tool list" has grown tremendously.

I have ominous grays bespeckling my head like a brilliant rainbow ... TOO BAD I don't care to make a wish on my head other than PLEASE BE GONE! Therefore, tool #1 is hair-dye. How healthy? How happy? Well, if happy is healthy, dying my hair makes me VERY healthy!!

MUST-HAVES also include a good moisturizer. I live in the Midwest. 

I live in the COLD Midwest. Moisturizers are important because for 6-8 months in this WINDY city, my face is dry and frozen.

In the morning I put on a mineral foundation and eye mascara. Time permitting? Then I add on all the rest: blush, eye-liner, lip line - and if lucky I comb my hair.

My thick moisture-sucking hair must be given drinks - a lot. I put daily thermal protectants, creams and oils ... nonetheless, it just sucks it all in and wants more.

WHEW! Last, but not least, I gloss my lips ALL DAY LONG. 

That's a lot of beautifying!! But, hey, it becomes a routine. 

I certainly do miss the days of splashing Ivory soap on and patting my face dry "gently" and then rushing out of the door! Where did that gal run too???

Yes, in a little over thirty days I will be 45.

What are some of YOUR beauty tools???

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Live an Abundant Life said...

well if you go to mu blog i will tell you what i do to stay gorgeous <3