February 23, 2012

Good Luck Viola!!!

I finally watched THE HELP.

Yes, I know I said I WOULD NEVER watch THE HELP.

Why I did not listen to myself, I will NEVER know.

Maybe it was my sister's constant insistence that I do.

Maybe it was the 1000th showing of  Oprah's Oscar Interview with Viola Davis on the OWN Network.

                                                                                         image courtesy of Dreamstime.com

Okay, it was a combination of a multitude of things.  Having to pay only $3.99 was a major factor!

I should have read the book first. The movie, while entertaining, was upsetting. Nothing has really changed in America since the time of the story. We are still at war with ourselves. The same language and thoughts have managed to sustain even within the most liberal of communities. The fact that Viola is nominated for playing a maid in 2011 and that Hattie McDaniel was nominated for the same type of role in 1938 is not progress people. Hattie was at Tara, Viola's story in Jackson, Mississippi. BIG WOOP. Seriously.

I hope Viola wins on Oscar Sunday. Viola is a fierce actress. Maybe with an Oscar win she can play a real role that shows her sexiness and strength... unfortunately, history is stacked against her.

Please contact me when Viola is cast as WonderWoman (and I truly believe she could rock that role!), it becomes a SUMMER BLOCKBUSTER... then and only then will I believe that the America we all wish for has arrived.

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