December 3, 2011

Spreading my good cheer!

I have been busy!!

Social Media is so much fun!

By now many of you have read that I am producing an event with Chicago authors Frank Calabrese Jr., Jon-David and Anthony Serritella. These talented writers have all had harrowing experiences with the mafia.

Everyone has, at the very least, been minimally intrigued with mob-life. My family gathered around the 82 inch at my sister's to watch The God-Father on AMC during Thanksgiving. We knew each scene by heart ... I can even recite entire monologues! "I know it was you, Fredo. YOU broke my heart, YOU BROKE MY HEART." ~ Michael Corleone

Family. Honor. Loyalty. Violence. Revenge. Mayhem. These are just SOME of the characteristics one can find when reading a good outfit story!

I hope everyone in Chicagoland will come out, meet the authors, pick up their books and enjoy a warm atmosphere with good food. REGISTER TODAY! Use the discount code MAFIA!!!

After all, books make GREAT stocking stuffers! Or bringing someone you care about to an intimate evening to meet great talent is ALWAYS fun!

THAT said, my partnership with, and has truly filled my days with so much good stuff! Great energy and relationships.

Please let me know about your good news! I would love to see if I can somehow assist the wonderful talents whose good stuff should be impacting our world!

This new side-bar of engaging authors has blossomed. For instance, Chicagonista's "Evening with Jane Devin: Elephant Girl" was such an emotional and amazing evening.

Stay tuned for an event to promote author Demika Caldwell "Manners Stink!"


Chasing Joy said...

You just quoted one of my favorite movies!!! :-) Mafia is such a fascination.

Houseonahillorg said...

it certainly is a fascination! Thanks for stopping by and for all the tweets!