December 6, 2011

Driving The Midwest

Social Media is fun.


My day job is really starting to suck.

Crime versus Cadillac?

Court Calls versus Change on the fly

Hmmmm, I think I'd take times like last night's hockey game over any incidence of criminal activity!

Driving The Midwest is General Motors brainchild, and it is all things good.

In my line of work, it is a rare day that I see heroes. There are the Police Officers I work with who see, and deal, with things I won't even describe. THEY are heroes, but I have come to expect their sort of heroism. AFTERALL, they saved my beloved pooch as a puppy. At 8 months, she was the bait for a Pitt Bull fight. Chicago Police responded and rescued her ... LOOK AT THAT FACE!

These are the stories that warm the heart, are good to share over coffee or tea...these are the tales that move the community from what I see everyday to a world more tolerant and full of blessings ... and THAT is what last night was about! & were invited to participate in a shin-dig at The BlackHawks Game (GO HAWKS) THE UNITED CENTER to honor "Our Town, Our Heroes" This is a unique, FUN program where local HEROES can be nominated by their peers for the good work that they do. Every two weeks a winner is selected and their charitable cause or positive input gets featured!


Often good deeds go unnoticed, while bad ones get all the attention. Let's make a move to turn that around!!

Nominate someone today!

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