August 13, 2011

Terror In The City

Wails and weeping are often heard in court houses.

Additionally, fights break out almost every day. Occasionally a prisoner will attempt escape, and more often then not, urban terrorists claim they are "good guys" who "made a mistake". Their rap sheets (arrest records) reveal 17 plus mistakes, unveiling a life dedicated to crime.

The lies flow from their lips like chocolate cascading down a a melting sundae. Not fifteen minutes from being sentenced to a felony from some heinous crime, they are back on the corners harassing, dealing and bringing down someone's property value in more ways than they can even count.

Some souls are compassionate deep down in their voids, but the majority are void of heart and would much rather carry out their rage by any means necessary. These are not the gangsters of old. They are not concerned with the community's status, lack of jobs or fairness of civil liberties. They often do not intend to hurt the innocent, but thinking and planning is never their forte. Some of these kids are throwaways. Some can be saved, others can not. WE as a community NEED to figure this out.

IN the meantime, my campaign to urge legislation be more challenging and reflect the true nature of these terrorist acts will continue.

PLEASE see and support this movie:

Please mentor a child today. Save a Soul and Save a Life.

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