August 10, 2011

Sapphire's "The Kid"

Anyone who read "Push" by Sapphire is familiar with characters immersed in pain and struggle.

I typically do not read novels that are too close to my own community. Being so wrought with anguish and distress everyday and then having to read about it can be a bit much. Typically I read to escape my community's reality. I can simply go to the old haunts, or hang out near my Dad's old shop, if I need to see folk in desperate need. So much that needs to be done NOT only in third world countries, but right here at home on Chicago's South Side.

So, admittedly, I winced a tad when we were given opportunity to review "The Kid" by Sapphire.  The description we were given let me know I was in for something, which I did not really mind - I was simply not in a hurry to intimately revisit Precious and the fact that dark is out there whirling about us every day.

I was, however, eager for the opportunity to read and to be open to the experience.

Even my own knowledge, 25 years experience in law enforcement ... and I was not prepared. Read my review and go read the book! HERE

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