July 22, 2011

Journey into Tomorrow

I have been out of the swing of things this past week.

I have unfortunately been to funerals, had a few things I needed to address, and was on my first panel!!!

Being on a panel, commenting on things I love is SO much FUN!!! The Brands and Bloggers Summit 2011 at the Chicago Double Tree Hotel Mag Mile far exceeded my expectations.

Blogging - AS YOU WELL KNOW BY NOW - saved my life.

Expressing myself in a positive light around innovative, incredible people IS my calling!

Not that assisting the criminal element isn't, I have simply given more than I've gotten from it and have certainly had my fill. Serving the community is a blessing, but I am beginning to unfold my new life's path.

I can still help people, but also help myself.

Recently during a clinical massage, my therapist shared that I am one of the worst cases she has seen!

That is not a good thing. Carrying my stress, and that of inner city Chicago, has finally taken its toll.

Having my back be a pillar (literally) FOR society was NOT my intention!

So I am scaling back, getting my roosters ready to crow, and envisioning the day when I can kiss my caseload goodbye!

Brands & Bloggers may not ultimately do that for me but, who knows, it just might! SO much fun and SO incredible, I am certainly assured of my path now and what I enjoy.

I am anticipating my journey into next year!

                                    © lahleyoo - Fabie de Silva Photography 


Chanelle Carver said...

"Expressing myself in a positive light around innovative, incredible people IS my calling!" >>> That's a wonderful calling, Dwana. I look forward to seeing your new journey unfold. Take care!


Houseonahillorg said...

awww! Chanelle, hope you can save and come to our summit next year. I would love to hug you in real life!