July 8, 2011

Street Life

                                                  IDOC (IL Dept. of Corrections)

There are so many things, we as functioning contributors of the planet, take for granted.

I had a young man in my office today. He is 23 years old and has already been to "the joint".

Off and on he has been employed, and truthfully, he is a really sweet person. His case was drug related, victim-less as they say, with the only victims being the offender and his community. He has an AWESOME smile...

And I tell him every time I see him because it is very apparent that no one has ever given him a compliment - of any sort. It made me contemplate today, though. Today I added with my compliment that I am a proponent of speaking my visions to make them reality. I am ready to retire, I shared, so that I can move on to something new and benefiting my spirit. He looked distraught upon hearing my goals, and I questioned him about this. I said, "If I leave, who will ride you about getting a job and making things better for yourself?" His reply, "No one but me."

That struck me. I took that opportunity to hone into him that we have to be the fan club of ourselves first. In doing that, we can pick up a team or bandwagon, but if we don't believe in our own success, why should anyone else?

He agreed. I wanted to instill  self-confidence, but after he left, it made me sad. While we all need to be behind ourselves, it sure is nice when someone shamelessly, and unprovoked rises to root and scream. It's heart warming to have a support system - folks who want us to be our greatest. I don't know what it feels like to have no one. It make me sad to know there are so many people out here that are complete throwaways.

Let's give someone an uplifting gift today - MAKE THEM SMILE!

Trust me, I know there are folks out here who manipulate the system while taking their loved ones for granted. They are the text book deviants who have incredible egos with control issues dominating their dreams. The genuine needy, the true, abandoned public - are the reason I get up and come to work every day. I may come across an individual who is definitely in need of guidance and support once every six years - and when I do, I cave inside, wanting to make sure that everyone who has this malady be given the opportunity to shine and make their way.

What do you think?



Tom Brennan said...

Because of my 27 years in Toastmasters, I've always been quick to praise, and slow to condemn. As you're aware, a few kind words from time to time can do a WORLD of good.

You're also painfully aware that the "war on drugs" needs to be dramatically reduced, because the only crime many of your clients are guilty of is possession of a minor amount of a technically illegal drug

Houseonahillorg said...

Tom, I LOVE that "quick to praise, and slow to condemn"! Yes, the "war" on drugs is such a huge farce, and in my opinion a way to control those who are less fortunate... our new County Board President has assigned a task force to revamp our judicial system ... I don't think eager even characterizes my excitement ...