May 19, 2011

Game On! Sports Camp 4 Girls ~ Let's Go!

Being a woman is a beautiful thing. More than mothering, we are contributing, innovative, intelligent, constructive voices that can make such an impact when given just a small seed to plant.

Chicagoland has perfect soil for such gardening ....

Just ask Barb Lazarus. Barb has been instrumental in keeping women in the spotlight with her time from attorney to public relations. Barb has graced us with her insight into honing your passions, staying true to yourself and cultivating self-esteem which is vital to impressionable young gals.   

I asked Barb to share what power lies in transitioning and how to maintain the best "you" possible! If you are in the area, check out the summer events for the young ladies in your life today! Thanks Barb and Game On! Sports Camp 4 Girls.

                                          Owners/Founders Barb Lazarus & Julie Kollada

Barb ~ I am the best mother and spouse I can be, an attorney, an entrepreneur and an athlete. While fulfilling my treasured role as a mom to two boys, I have transitioned career paths from federal prosecutor and press secretary at the U.S. Attorney’s Office here in Chicago to my entrepreneurial years as a Media Relations Professional and now owner and founder of Game On! Sports Camp 4 Girls. I never stopped working.
My message to girls and women is that you need not feel wedged; First of all, strive to integrate a passion into your career. Then, don’t be afraid to change in accordance with your stage in life. At one point, I needed to have more flexibility to support my family, so I dug deep for the courage and confidence needed to establish my own business that incorporated my strengths, experience and passion. Then when my boys were old enough and with the support of my husband, I earned the right to pursue my DREAM. Game On! Summer Sports Day Camps 4 Girls was born and continues to be my vehicle for giving back to girls sports in return for the life-changing benefits I received from years of sports play.  

Barb Lazarus
Owner, Game On! Sports Camp 4 Girls
Office phone: 847-229-9959

all images used with permission from Game On! Sports Camp 4 Girls and Barb Lazarus.

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