May 12, 2011

Common, the South Side and a Mother's Pain

I had to really sit down and figure why I was so offended and hurt by the "vile" commentary spewed by Sarah Palin and conservatives regarding Common's latest trip to the White House.

Growing up my parents were constantly attending "Dinners" "honoring" "you know that positive young man.... that rapper's mom" because she was an educator raising her young man to respect the community. Hmmm, then when Common became famous, my parents continued to make comments: "You remember that nice young man ...?" I was a few years older than he, so my memories are a few. But that is not the source of the hurt.

The hurt comes from how I know that a certain group of Americans feel about my son, Dr. Mahila Hine's son, Ann Dunham's son, and so many more women who mother minority sons.

That a network and an illiterate former governor can be quoted and cause such a stir is a sad assessment of our country. I am still struggling with words to define what I am feeling, using Twitterverse to air my frustration has only brought me before more racists, so when I came across this video by Jon Stewart, I settled on it because, quite frankly, he said it best.

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