March 4, 2011

Excuse Me While I Puke

Mankind has a tendency to be extremely vile and caustic under quite a few circumstances. Mothers committing infanticide, frenzied crowds raping journalists, folks beating up Emergency Medical Technicians... These, and other acts that criminal minds have contemplated, occur because people have built-in mechanisms that dictate deviant behavior. This interesting piece of our psyches also assures that the personality has the gumption to self-imposed authority for the cryptic acts to be carried out. (Think Qaddafi, Dahmer, Ted Bundy)

My day to day is filled with the intricacies of mankind's deviance.

As I enter 25 years of civil service, I think I am finally realizing we are all capable of extreme goodness and horrific violence.

Encapsulated within our very fibers are Jekyll and Hyde!

What can we do to keep the beasts contained and teach our offspring to do the same?

I began this contemplation after learning that good ole Newt Gingrich has his eye on the presidency in 2012.

Yup, same Newt who urged for impeachment of President Bill Clinton as he himself was having extramarital transgressions with a staffer. How arrogant is that? What sort of personality disorder allows someone the regality of thought to persecute someone else while doing the very same thing. This continues to astound me.

What type of default in personality allows someone to consider we would ever have them at the helm of our fair land? He is dishonest, hypocritical, and so faulted in his direction... yet just today he was quoted in several media sources for his wayward commentary and impeachment desires for our current President.

While we all are rooted in good and evil, I am simply writing to express that we challenge these tendencies. We must call out these instances for what they are. We are all aware of the frailties of our species, but encouraging the madness, and even succumbing to the rhetoric and false-hoods that are made to incense the masses must stop.

We are smarter than that. We have transparency now. We are better than this. We deserve leadership that is open, potentially more intelligent and less vulnerable to idiocy. I challenge the Sara Palins, Mike Huckabees and Newts of our political circles to quit slinging and wow us with potential. Show integrity and merit worth listening to. Otherwise, stop talking out of your asses, or what is typically referred to within the inner city as "talking like a crack-head". This sort of talk is jibber jabber that circles around and around until the listener is either too tired to decipher the content or too riled up by the delivery and thereby sucked in to the madness.

Yes, we are all capable of hypocritical behavior, and judging others while not judging ourselves, so, let's progress, move forward and insist that if we all self-evaluate, we will urge our legislators and voted officials to extend their agendas beyond name-calling and the intolerance of our neighbors and our differences. We will enter a better space. One that will allow us to embrace the more important challenges we face as a society. Issues that come to mind like educating urban terrorists toward becoming productive citizens, removing genetically modified food from our shelves, eliminating profiting from diseases and securing financial growth for all.

I for one am sick to death of the old-school politics. Stick a fork in it and bury it today.

Enough with the tales and untruths that make an administration look bad. Talk about what your plans are and how what you believe is better for us all. Quit the lying, and cheating us into your endeavors, because right now, it appears to the learned citizens, that we are in a pre-school brawl. Its old and tired and honestly, I believe we've all simply heard enough of the crap. It stinks and I for one am ready to puke.


Tom Brennan said...


We're definitely on the same wave length on this topic. I currently have a story "under development" that will be published in the next few days. The title is "The man behind the curtain"

Houseonahillorg said...

I can't wait to hear your assessment, thanks Tom ... and I'm looking at a Thursday soon!