March 6, 2011

Am I Crazy?

Can chronic shyness and social media go together?

I suffer from multiple personalities. No, I am not "Sybil", but my life has been plagued by extreme shyness.

Quite possibly my love for writing is a result of failings to express myself. For as long as I can remember, I have been writing my thoughts as opposed to speaking them.

Only now am I beginning to marry the two.

How can that be?!

I was always tall growing up. Many teased me in middle school by calling me "tree". These were not malicious bullyings, but eventually I learned that if I was quiet, I might become invisible and maybe even disappear. AMAZING what goes on in the mind of a child.

Now, as a civil servant responsible for reintegrating many of your neighborhoods most heinous offenders, "SHY" is not in my vocabulary. I can pretty much run neck and neck with the most violent in your city, BUT years of not being in true social settings really nicked away at an already frail public personality.

So why be in social media?

Interesting! The psychology of it kept me up last night!

I enjoy people who are genuine and movers and shakers but in a different way than I do those who seriously need readjustments in their life..

Coming out of my shy shell has been a blessing. Interacting with all of you brings different meaning to life.

Many of us are insecure and yet have so much to offer. Learning to navigate in social media is a vibrant path to being a public speaker who can both teach and enlighten.

Finding that you can morph into a huge presence from just the tiniest seed is empowering.

What deficits do you face in your life? How have you shaped yourself to meet these negatives and embraced the stamina to take charge?

I, for one, have begun to listen. Listening to those I meet and greet, focusing on their truth and agenda allows you both to move mountains, so...

Grab your orange juice and let's toast to broadening our horizons, peeling away old shells and blossoming today right along with the burgeoning SPRING!


Tom Brennan said...

Houseonahillorg said...

ha ha Tom! How long have I put that off now???

I must put it on my calendar!!!