December 8, 2010

House on the Holidays ~

Miniature house and Santa hat

How is everyone faring with the Holiday Shuffle! It is a whirlwind. The holidays are not my favorite time of year, I tolerate it because I'm supposed to. Somehow I believe, we have submerged ourselves in consumerism and rarely stick our heads out to see the true meanings behind the holidays. Tradition takes over, and then we become obligated to participate in often meaningless exchanges that most of us can not afford. This year, I am really in a rut. The bills have piled up, the weather has my joy and I have so much on my plate trying to make ends meet that I have not really considered my hopes for the holidays. I LOVE my family though, and seeing them smile will certainly take all of my funky feeling emotions away, so there....

What are you all planning? How has the spirit come to you? What do you and your family celebrate?

Thankfully this frigid climate has not deterred me from my mission of staying with my exercise plan!

I have stayed on the path. Yoga every day. Water - as much as I can tolerate every day! I have increased my vegetable servings twofold and have also managed to drop a few pounds. My BMI is shrinking!!!

I really should have provided before and after photos, but ce la vie! I will definitely share once I reach my goal. Tell me how you are progressing if fitness is on your calendar. If it is not, tell me what is? A better frame of mind? A new job or career objective? OR personal life goals?

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