December 15, 2010

Holidays at the House xoxox

Dinner table at christmas

The wretchedness of the Holiday Horrors, as I playfully refer to them, is coming to an end.

I no longer cringe at the Christmas tunes that have been playing all month, and I have even found myself humming to a few. I have completed my motherly purchases for someone who deserves all of my life, and have settled in to appreciate the wholesomeness and thoughtfulness that comes with the holidays.

No decoration have been placed yet - well actually, many were lost in July's flood, however, I have actually eyed a few trees and pondered the menu for Christmas day.

I tried and tried to be on a beach by the sea this year but alas, it was not to be ....

Then there is the whole being a vegan thing. It has taken from me the desire to eat and eat and eat. My thoughts surrounding meals really focus on what nutritional value I can pull from each morsel and if each bite is actually edible. That is a problem when considering a huge meal for at least 25. I suppose in this case, I'll just revert to the 'ole trusty creole staples - greens, cornbread, mac and cheese ... turkey, ham, maybe spaghetti - I also thought about salmon or cat-fish ...

If you have excitement for the holidays - PLEASE share it here! I am begging for more incentive to get with IT this year!!!

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