November 26, 2010

Thanks and Giving in this Brave New World

Thanksgiving Turkey

I hope everyone on this side of the globe had a fantastic Thanks Giving. For you living abroad, we in the USA still celebrate the "pilgrims" conquering or befriending the "indians" after "visiting" the "Brave New World". Of course, since no one was really there, we must infer what happened - and that is another post entirely. The warm fuzziness of this holiday involves giving thanks for all of the blessings we've been allowed to witness. Breaking bread with those we love, or friends we respect and enjoy, allows us to boast a "Thanks Giving" - a glorious holiday to behold.

Many families come together to embrace one another, turn away from old feuds and enjoy dinner that has an atypical fare. In my particular family there is a Southern flare to what we lay before those we have brought together. We always have corn bread. Turkey. "Dressing" or stuffing as it is commonly referred to. Some variation of greens - this year we had collard, mustard and  turnip. Sweet potatoes (or yams). Macaroni and cheese, cranberry sauce, string beans and mashed potatoes. Having been raised traditionally Creole has made my being a vegan look crazy, but this year, as I have done the past five years, was happy ... I was fulfilled to eat all of the vegetables! AND OH MY, were they good.

What are some of your traditions? What did you all settle upon to eat? Who brought what? What prayer or "THANKS-giving" did you speak to each other and what was your truth.


Christine Rabel said...

SO love to keep up with your posts! The holidays are traditionally the time when we share our hearts more than ever, and my "thank-you's" this year included the people who make me rise to the occasion through their belief in ME and their sharing me with loved ones. That's why I wanted YOU to know that you were on that list; I cannot thank you enough for your huge heart, and your help. Hoping that YOU have a very blessed year!

Houseonahillorg said...

Christine! Still my angel ~

Thank you so very much, may you and yours continue to enjoy blessings and joy,