November 23, 2010

Family Fitness Can Be Fun!

Family exercising with skipping rope and laughing

I can now safely say that yoga is a part of my daily routine. I have not missed a day and can even pose while still asleep. I am still working on drinking more water. Being an intravenous coffee person makes consuming anything else difficult. The exciting aspect is that my shoulders and neck feel MUCH stronger. I feel as though my big head is sitting comfortably and when it rocks it is with purpose!

So how are all of you doing with your fitness goals??? I met a wonderful fitness expert this week and hope to bring her to you for phenomenal tips and tid-bits!

In the meantime, let's look at keeping our heart-rates up during physical activity. Using supplemental work-out techniques such as gaming software, balls, jump-ropes and dvds are strongly encouraged. Combining a variety will ensure that you will stay interested.

My teen and I were bellowing over with hysteria last night as we utilized our gaming software. While he is in intense training everyday for basketball, he came home and fell right into a few games that really worked his lower body. It challenged him and he was surprised at that! It was fun and we enjoyed silly time together.

Even our dog came in to run around the room and be crazy with us.

Family fitness can be fun!

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