November 7, 2010

FAB ABS do not allude me!!!

With the falling back comes my least favorite time of the year. The darkness envelopes me and I have to work oh, so hard at staying social, upbeat and in shape. While I know I would thrive in warmer climate, my employment, family, and loved ones are all here in the upper Mid-West. So what is a gal to do?

After working so very hard all spring and summer to be in shape, I already can see that my abs are gone and my stomach has returned to its blobular state! Fed up with this I have begun intensive PLANKING.

Woman in yoga position

Now plank is a basic yoga move. It challenges the mind and body by working the core. It can be said that the core, our center, houses the soul. Our centers, our cores, are conceivably where the heart and soul are, so I tend to use plank for working my abs while placing needed focus on my consciousness. You will see a noticeable difference immediately after implementing this pose, but you can never stop. You must use it, or a variation of it, every day. Amazing how those abs will run far away if you cease this workout for more than a day or two. UGH, so I am also doing crunches on the HUGONGOUS exercise ball I have. OUCH. BUT crunches work. CENTER AND side to side. Those handles are okay in the fall, but as winter approaches, people tend to hug you a lot more, and well that which jiggle is only for Santa.

I will pledge to do as many as possible in 5 minutes! WHOSE with me???

Drink plenty of water, move every day, and move all over and often ... I will check in to see how we're doing.

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