September 9, 2010

The Heck With It Already!


This may seem like a DUMB response, but I'm throwing it out there with all the other blatantly stupid crap I've been A) HEARING B) SEEING AND C) READING


What makes radicals and extremists SO hostile and inflamed?

My reference is to all the hard-headed, peace stealing, small minds that are guilty here of being petty, fear-instilling and downright bigoted.

If not Islam, then Immigrants. If not Blacks, then Jewish people. If not lesbians then Trans-gendered. Any minority can be the flavor of the day. It needs to stop.

YOUR faith is YOUR OWN. People getting so riled up and polarized in their own brain matter they want to impose their STUFF on others. It is such an ancient way of thought.

I have my OWN STUFF. I have the RIGHT to my OWN STUFF as you do yours.

I actually would like to learn about your stuff.

If it does not encourage tying folks to the back of trucks, beheading people, raping, or any other maligned despicable ingredient, then, at the end of the day, does it really impact my life??

Terror filled radicals so entrenched in their stuff  have made the world a very unhappy place. It's putrid. It stinks.

Is it possible that many years ago, when people were completely uneducated, they used these tools to control society?

Reading just a TAD bit of history tells us that this is largely what occurred - and in many parts of the world - this mind control continues.

Let's have the courage to FREE minds!

I have huge faith in our historical archives, but certainly would not kill or maim anyone who disagreed with me.

For all of our differences, we are largely the same.

Wanting to watch our children grow, provide safety and prosperity for our lives is a universal right. Maybe not in every global legislation - but it is an internal emotion.

Even animals want safety, food, comfort and the right to exist as they see fit.

Violence will always be a part of the equation, for that too is a being's inbred capability. But as we evolve, as the world gets smaller - like a belt tightening around the waste of society - our faces smooshing to where we must eyeball each other, and many times embrace, let us take a breath before snapping to rash behavior?!

Controlling populations is not my line of work.

Obviously, the incensing (I simply refuse to honor him with pastor) Terry Jones is lacking a few Jesus parodies.

No way could I ever fathom Jesus Christ burning his "neighbor's" (LITERALLY HERE) books.

Being birthed in Bethlehem - hanging around throughout the Middle East - probably having interactions with faiths of all kinds, and having given loving tolerance - is such a gift for the followers of Christianity.

Jesus, and many prophets, preached being with someone as if they were your brother.

It saddens me that we are pushing the very hate we say we abhor.

It sickens me that this nation, built on pillaging, domination and hate would continue to perpetuate such vileness in this day and time.

Apparently we have learned nothing from lives lost in past years and past centuries.

Shame on us.

Or will we stand up and be courageous .....

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