September 28, 2010

Autumne Heureux ~ or not!

Decorative replicas of leaves

I abhor fall.

I get the whole seasons thing and how its all necessary for the circle of life in the mid-west, but I am simply being honest here - I LOATHE it.

The crinkling of the leaves drying up depresses me!

No "Healthier, Happier" ME right now .... the months of November thru March require a WHOLE lotta tricks to make me tick.

September and October are bearable thanks to the occasional 90 degree day.

In my heart this was the perfect summer.

It was wretchedly hot. We simply HAD to be on the beach ... my beloved sand and water ... AH!

The lazy afternoons, the sweat on my brow ... hot and steamy all the way around - LOVE IT!

I know I should probably move to a warmer climate, but ask anyone in the Chi - our summers absolutely ROCK!

Outdoor cafes, and breezes from Lake Michigan. Foliage decorating from end to end. It is simply paradise.

AND now it must all end. Cold, dank, damp, miserable, freezing, heating bills and long, dark days!

Nothing that a stiff cup of coffee can't cure though!

I  will also picture June - Grant Park and my grin reaching from ear to ear!

Automne Heureux

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