June 25, 2010

Reach and Benefit - Stretch To Be Strong!

Young woman doing an exercise by the sea

My cyber pal Ashley is promoting a Yoga challenge on her blog and I am ALL for it!

Healthy Ashley has motivated me to take 10 minutes a day and use my favorite poses.

I started the challenge myself a week ago because I just wasn't feeling right. I had taken up more cardio exercises and was neglecting my stretching. The result was labored breathing and spinal discomfort.

You see, in stretching, twisting, and concentrating, one can utilize strengthening to structurally support the spine. 

Many of these poses cleanse and nourish organs and provide critical energy flow and balance.

Sometimes when things become too routine, we give them up. That is not necessary with yoga because there are so many variations and techniques. I may have become side-tracked momentarily, but I am back and stretching strong.  

I started my old regimen again. AH! It has been wonderful. My breathing is regulated and I feel so much better. Spinal twists have released the tightness and unbalanced aura I was beginning to suffer from.

I am also drinking more water which is always a good thing.

I have started my days with at least 10 sun salutations. If time permits, I throw in a Chair Pose, Abdominal Twist, and a Seated Twist - and I'm feeling great!

Won't you join us? Share your favorite poses and thoughts!


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