June 17, 2010

Lost Louisiana ~

As the Gulf lays dying, I am trying to be uplifting and positive.

Then I reflect on reality and there really is no good thing, or silver lining.

Hopefully we will push and push our legislators until they release us from this oil slavery, but unfortunately, the damage is done.

They aren't telling us how bad it is.

You don't have to be a rocket scientist to know IT IS REALLY BAD.

The Earth has been perforated and is gushing out of control.

It is infecting every corner of the globe. Barges leaving the area are carrying the residue.

Think about how when you drop an eyelash in bath tub full of water. There is NO way to get it out.

Same thing here. I am NO scientist, but I also know that when we throw up we should not eat it.

My dog does, and that is just gross.

Hating to sound so apocalyptic is my nature, so folks, let's consider what we can do.

We can grieve the loss of wildlife. You remember them, right? The beautiful, majestic creatures that environmentalist have been warning us to preserve. Many are simply gone. The small creatures and microbiotic fish, uh probably suffocated. I am certain that there are species we have simply ruined.

Notice I am saying "WE". WE because WE all knew and STILL know that oil rigs and drilling are poor ways to supply energy.

Yes, this will change our way of life - HELLO, if we don't stop, we will not have life.

I don't care how this will affect the economy. Replace the oil NOW.

Looking into my son's green/blue eyes and telling him that many of his ancestors way of life is dead for centuries was not easy. Knowing that he may never be able to take his children into the bayou and witness its splendor is crushing.

I don't blame British Petroleum, I blame us all. Take it and now change.

Please visit America's Wetland for more information on how you can be of service and help The Gulf.



Vérité Parlant is Nordette Adams said...

Yes, and saying we all have a part in this is not very popular, especially down here in Louisiana, because so many people depend on oil not just for the gas in their cars and other items that most people don't realize are made with petroleum, but they depend on the oil industry to put food on their tables.

Thoughtful post.

Houseonahillorg said...

Thanks for stopping over, my heart just keeps breaking ~