February 13, 2010

The Stare

Portrait of woman

Do You Feel The Love???

Well, if'n you don't, you very well should!

You are at an impasse. These are the best days of our lives. Sordid, sick or insanely happy ... this is it! There is no second act, buds.

Life is crawling along, and we must make the best of everyday!

Running into an old friend, I began to become, with first-hand knowledge, learned about being a vegan - BUT not before giving the poor pal a "stare".

I am sure you are quite familiar with it. We ALL give it at some point.

It's that look you get when you go to the bank and the teller states, "I'm sorry, there are no funds for you to withdraw" and you know you've just deposited a thousand dollars.

It is a far away, disbelief gaze. Maybe our eyes bulk, or go wide-pupiled, or maybe we just simply blank out - but the "stare" is unmistakable and not at all vague!

If you choose to leave the norm of consuming American Cuisine and indulging in veggies and alternative menus, get very familiar with the STARE.

Learn to navigate it the way my old buddy did. It is not at all something we can't handle.

Study up on the benefits, listen to Dr. Oz. I don't believe he is vegan, but he is one healthy dude and if you've ever watched any excerpts of his shows or interviews or series - you have definitely seen him navigate the "stare" professionally!

With that said, take the next step and substitute your regular sub sandwich lunch with Morning Star veggie patties on Whole Grain White, Vegenaise, lettuce, tomato, slice of veggie cheese, red onion, mustard and sweet potato fries!

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