February 18, 2010

Have I Told You Lately That I LOVE You?

Close up of a mug

Some reason has surfaced in my brain causing this Rod Stewart song to swirl around in my head - for hours now.

You might wonder what images it conjures for me.

WELL, for me, it's COFFEE!

My passion, my one true love is coffee. Did Van Morrison pen this for a liquefied, hot steamy, richly dark colored beverage? Certainly not, but it is so befitting for an addict like me.

"Fill my heart with gladness, take away all my sadness..." yep that's the age old glory of beans and hot water in my world.

Now days you can truly benefit from drinking my favorite drink if you look hard enough at the right products.

I do not waiver and enjoy coffee in ALL of its facets. I drink the black soot at local diners, the beans from Kathmandu, McDonalds McCafe, Starbucks, Caribou, and my favorite Argo Tea!

There are also coffees being marketed with health claim benefits such as GanoExcel which puts the Reishi Mushroom in the product. The Reishi is so incredible for overall health. Drinking it enhances the immune system. I feel so alive and energized when I am able to sip this coffee.

The claims are many. First know that it has no side effects. None. Zippo, which for me is fantastic because if I want I can have 5 cups in a day!

There are research claims that state it is a cancer preventative and has therapuetic roles in many other diseases as well.

As with anything complete due diligence before consuming anything, but for me, and members of my family who have suffered ailments, it has been a source of comfort and wellness.

There are also those who make claims about low acidic coffee blends, HEALTHY BEANS and the like.

Amazing that since the 9th century, and maybe before, that man has enjoyed coffee.

Many of us can not indulge - either we don't like it, it doesn't like us, or we are afraid of the caffeine. Coffee tends to get bad press now and again for many reasons.

Whatever your pleasure { feel free to share }, if yours is like mine, you are inhaling deeply aromatic Arabian beans right now and sipping on love!




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