February 11, 2010

Be Still My Bleeding Heart!

What is green and black, sparkly and YUM all over??

Bleeding Heart Bakery on Chicago's North Side!

Michelle and Vinny are at 1955 W. Belmont, Chicago, IL, 773-327-7410. They have provided a place you can indulge "local, sustainable, punk rock pastry"!

How fab is that!

Being conscious about what goes into your mouth is not as difficult as you think.

I recall back when my good friend Mr. T used to speak to me about making dietary changes and I would give the long, far-off stare.

His return look would be just as firm, somewhat understanding, but unwavering in its mission.

I had suffered from skin ailments, fatigue and being overweight. I was on medications and began to run out of ideas that masked my unhealthy ways. Oh yeah, and my hair was falling out!

Many of the foods that we eat are over-processed, plagued, and some are downright dangerous. And while many may argue - "Oh, something has to killya" - the truth is many of us do not want to make the effort and, or, take the time to make the small and essential changes that just might save or lengthen life.

Yes, we all are going to be killed by something, BUT eating to live and not living to eat CAN be an enjoyable occurrence. Eating well can replace the fear and sarcasm of the vegan or vegetarian stigma and propel you into a fulfilling, great way of life .

You see, once upon a period of a really long time ago, I was a freshman in high school. My best friend was a senior, a guy I likened to Adonis, and he began exposing me to some of the finer things in life (Escargot, brie,to name a few).

At the time I was a sponge sopping up cuisines and cultures that were different because Mr. T had class and style. In that one short year he continued introducing me - Joe Sample, caviar and long rides along the lakefront - Mr. T was SO much fun!

Flash-forward 25 years into the 21st century, where a friendship has quietly weathered the years. Mr. T is now a vegan who, 3 years ago, gently laid before me the benefits of eating leafy greens and tofu.

I had researched before running into him, but seeing and sensing the vibrancy he was drawing from his food, I slowly began to fall into acceptance of this brave incredible lifestyle.

If you have been thinking about becoming a vegan or vegetarian, start slowly! Eliminate a dairy product for a few months. Move each few months into a different category of your current menu, ceasing a product or food group here and there until you have made a small alteration in your diet. Previously researched can become a way of life. Leave suspect, and what you know to be detrimental, to the old you. The new you will happily read labels with words that you can easily pronounce.

It will be difficult. It took me three years to give up cheese, and I still struggle! It was also very hard to stop drinking cream in my coffee!

Thankfully, the world that is round and wide, has begun to embrace that something needs to change with respect to our foods. There are items out here that will help you replace the negatives in your diet and there are also YUMMIES too!

Today, I as I joined a few fellow Twittermates at the Bleeding Heart Chicago bakery, I was so pleased to see that they FEATURED gluten free AND vegan items(a some dang good coffee)! What a treat!

So, investigate your neighborhoods! Your area is sure to have one or two places that offer health conscious cuisines.

OR follow a few healthy blogs. Three of my favorite foody blogs include Gina of VEGAN STRONG, Michelle Pfennighaus of FIND YOUR BALANCE HEALTH and Dreena at Dreena's Vegan Recipes.


Anonymous said...

This is awesome! So glad to have shared the experience with you!! Judy

Houseonahillorg said...

What a great afternoon ... can't wait to hang with you and Mary soon!