December 22, 2009

'Tis the Season ~ BE JOLLY!

This year Reveillon Dinner will be a little EXTRA special. I am actually going to cook.

Not just part of Christmas Dinner, but specifically for the Creole Tradition after attending mass.

While my entire life has been devoted to honoring and being open to the wide spectrum of the world and all its beliefs ~ my own belief system is such that I celebrate Reveillon and attend Mass on Christmas Eve.

It is my hope that you share your wonders and joys with all and embrace this time of year by being true to you. Bring true hope by being hope and spread love of all.

Our Reveillon this year, which promotes the spirit of awakening in old Creole tradition, will be a simple gumbo, corn bread, pastries and cake with good 'ole New Orleans style coffee.

If you are Christian, what are some of your Christmas Eve traditions?

If you celebrate but are not Christian, what is your Christmas Eve like?

If you have another faith, share!!!

If you need a tradition, adopt NOLA's! Just like on Mardi Gras, EVERYONE can be from New Orleans!!

C'est si bon!

In the spirit of the season, Joyous Holidays to us ALL!!!


Tom said...


the attached menu looks REALLY GOOD.

Ah'm gonna hafta git myself down to N'Orleans one of these days ..

Houseonahillorg said...

You will LOVE it, for sure!!