November 1, 2009

How do you look? Let Anna Tell You!!

two pictures of Anna Oct. 29, 2009 at Barnes & Noble in DesMoines, Iowa.

Anna with Douglas Burns a reporter Daily Times Herald

Meet Anna Soo Wildermuth author, and personal image consultant!

Anna, you are so sleek and stylish. Tell us about how you came into your own sense of style.

Thank you for the compliments. It is combination of being clear what you like to wear, colors, fit and style. It started very young being conscious of it was important for me to like what I wear and have a style, being sensitive to my environment and the image I wanted to project. I believe everyone goes through style changes and for me it is a revisit every 5 years. I had role models, my dad who had a great sense of style, Doris Day was always a role model – loved to watch her movies and all the wonderful outfits and jewelry was always amazing.

When did it click for you that we all have an attribute that we need to behold?

It began at a very early age and I continue to be sensitive of what works for me.
Love what you wear, always feel attractive, buy the best you can afford, know what colors work best for you and always fit. Your tailor is your next best friend.

In your book "Change One Thing: Discover What's Holding You Back and Fix It" (with Jodie Gould) you speak about some of your early challenges. I was very touched and surprised by some of them. Which one of your earliest challenges impacted you most?

My first outfit I loved and wore it forever before my god mother told me gently you don’t’ mix big flowers with plaid. I was so embarrassed but never forgot it. So sometimes your biggest embarrassments are the best lesson’s learned. Now it is done all the time.

I enjoyed reading because your true self comes through loud and clear. The humor is great. How did you make the decision to share yourself with the world?

I love helping people I want them to know we all are more alike than different. What the difference is what we do with our experiences.

Seeing you work your magic in person was a gift. Precision and class. How can our readers catch you in action?

Most of my work is company sponsored but I am planning on putting together a series of free webinars based on the book beginning in January. Please sign up for my free monthly tips which will announce when they will begin. Also, I hope to have a book signing in January at a Barnes and Noble or Borders.

What, do you think are the most important factors when searching for that new job or your niche in life?

Knowing what you are good at and have a passion for. It takes patience and perseverance. Please visit my blog PersonalImagesInc.Com/Blog which comes out on Friday’s and Monday’s and my monthly tips. The website is here : PersonalImages.Com

Also I will be starting a Change One Thing FaceBook Fan Page starting November 15th.


Anna, I can't wait for all of the new information ~ Thank You so much!

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