October 29, 2009

Pastor Jonah & Mission Update!

We heard from our friends Sister Penny and Pastor Jonah and have been given an update on Pastor Jonah's Missions!

Pastor Jonah has been very busy with many different activities. There have been many changes to the blog making it much easier to navigate and find different parts of interest.

We can also see more ABOUT the mission here. They'd love to hear your feedback. There is great work being done in Kericho and northern parts of Kenya, but more donors are needed.

Currently the team in Kenya is stretching their funds.

There has also been a team of contacts visiting Pastor Jonah's village and ultimately making a commitment to build a much needed well in Marigat. Though this is far north of where Pastor Jonah lives, it is part of the missionary outreaches. The need is for about 4 more wells.

Additionally there is a project to help the ladies with their backbreaking work of collecting wood and cooking. The traditional 3 stone stoves are not good for their health or for the environment. With funds for only about 8 of the stoves, 20+ more are needed. Faithful donors is how real change can be made.

Read here to know more about what a jiko stove is.

There has also been word of a more practical stove. Practical Action in Kenya has a new stove called "Fireless Cooker". These seem much cheaper and achieve a similar goal to the jiko. Readers, please spread the word, and or donate for a few of these cookers by going on the site now.

There are, of course, more urgent ongoing needs for food, school supplies, hospital care and medicines too.

We hope you can see that Pastor Jonah and his supporters, including Sister Penny, are still keeping very busy by God's grace. Though they lost 3 women in the village since July; two to cancer, they are staying optimistic and continuing the fight to rise above circumstances.

We at the House hope we are making their voices heard and their visions attainable.

Do what you can!


Pastor Jonah said...

Thank you sister for providing such a wonderful update on our Missions of Hope. Sadly, just this week, 3 more women died in the village; two were under the age of 40. We praise God that they are now home in glory and we pray for your good readers to help us in meeting the needs in the village and in spreading the word. Thank you for your generous support in getting the word out about these important Missions of Hope @ www.jonahsmissions.blogspot.com
We ask our Heavenly Father to bless you abundantly. xx

Houseonahill said...


I am always here to share for Missions of Hope. I am praying for those lost and those in need.