October 14, 2009

You're worth your weight

I am so happy to share with you today some healthy concepts that I have implemented into my life and - whattaya know they are working!

I am a big woman. 6'1 and hmmphmpm??? pounds. I still do not own a scale. But, I know I could afford to lose about 10-15 pounds.

At my age, simply being a vegan (3 years now) has not done anything for me weight wise-though I have energy and health that I can really feel.

I have lost inches and am now really working on the pounds.

Eliminating sugar, fructose corn syrup and bleached white flour have helped. Yoga has helped, but after my interviews with Find Your Balance Health & THE NATURAL COUNSELOR things began to turn around.

Breathing deeply. Calming myself has reduced cortisone and thus reducing that pocket formed around my waist! Sleeping better has made moods better. AND 45 minutes of vigorous exercise has made the most difference.

Staying hydrated has also been instrumental in keeping me in my optimum health. I couldn't be more excited.

The life long struggle with weight and good health has been much more palatable with easy, tangible information. Finding excellent, informative life coaches has enlightened my perspective.

I am actually looking forward to my 50's to see just how healthy I can get!

How about you? What has been your biggest struggle? Your remedy? Recipes?


Joyful said...

Hey Dwana, I enjoyed this post. I am much shorter than you and can stand to lose more than you. I think I suffer from a lot of food allergies so have finally taken the plunge to eat vegan. I've tried all kinds of other things to eat healthy and none of it has really worked for me, not even to up my energy. So I am hoping the vegan diet will work. It is good to know you have already gone vegan and some of your other tips which I will try :-)

Houseonahill said...

I am so glad you enjoyed this post.

Many of the additives in the processed items we consume cause major reactions that we blame on colds, and/or the environment when it is really manufacturers who poison our food.

I have been feeling so much better eating fresh veggies and no meat.

I hope your journey leads you to health, happiness and what works best for you - thanks for always being such a great supporter and sharing your passions too!