October 16, 2009

Whirllingly Wonderful Yesterday!

Women For Hire was the beginning of my blog journey.

It has been a few years, and I really no longer recall how I found my way to Tory Johnson's site, but I did.

I met Latrice Fowler, now known as "Raising Chefs". At the time, Latrice was blogging at two of her sites. I was awed. She taught me how and that is all we wrote!

Since Women For Hire, I have joined several women's groups and met incredible, entrepreneurial spirits. I have been mentored, inspired and watered to grow!

It has been a fabulous journey.

I have wanted to attend Tory's Job Fairs but have never had the opportunity; either my child situation or job schedule was screwy - things - just did not fall into place. As I always say, "timing is always right when things happen, they were meant to be."

Yesterday was my day.

Having won the tickets to the before breakfast seminar through Chicago MomsLikeMe.com, {YES, I actually WON something!!}, I fell into an excited Tory Johnson groupie mode.

I absolutely LOVE NAVY PIER - rain, snow or shine, it is one of my favorite places on the planet. I did discover yesterday though, that it is so far out from land, making it difficult to get a signal to Twitter, but I still LOVE it!

The seminar far exceeded my expectation. So much so, I did not even make it to the fair! Each session was approximately 20 minutes. With no frills, no slides or boring video - I found myself actually preferring the bare essentials.

The opening session was with Dr. Sander Marcus - his bio blip captured me like no other: "...clinical and career psychologist". That he was. The tips he shared offered a glimpse into the mind of interviewers, which I took for my own in my desire to be engaging and taking critical information from every professional encounter.

I unfortunately missed the two middle sessions because I was networking! Such awesome folk in attendance. Out of work, maybe. Transitional searches, could be. BUT there was no lack in spirit or verve.

The next session I attended was with Anna Soo Wildermuth, a personal image consultant. She gave insight on how people "SEE" you. So invaluable. The final session was with the enigmatic Sima Dahl! Her "SWAY FACTOR" was so unique.

The level of information packed into a few hours really shows the depth of Women For Hire and their commitment to women and our issues ~ what fun and big thank yous to all for enlightening my life for an entire day!


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