October 9, 2009

Shocked and Appalled~

Now, this is a rant.

A long sordid rant. Well, isn't that what 50% of blogging is about?

I just had the displeasure of defending President Obama, and my joy in his Nobel Peace Prize win.

If you regularly follow this little forum, you are aware that I was vehemently a Hillary supporter until Pres.O won the primary. I then worked my behind off to do my part to make sure it was an Obama win, often coming home at midnight.

I have been pleased by his presidency. His grace under fire has been most admirable.

The situation our country was in as President Obama assumed office was unprecedented.

AND, no need to go into America's ugly racially disparaged past. A man of color in the White House who is not a servant or aide, or merely given a post. A man of color as Commander In Chief.

Eight men of color have won the prize according to American Affairs. The first being in 1950.

SO, my anger and displeasure comes from commentary within the colored race, that this win is undeserving.

How can promise be undeserving. How can a fresh approach not be worthy of reward.

He has met with people who were ostracized 8 years.

He has brought communication and negotiation back to the table.

I am so ashamed of the commentary. Why can't we just revel in the prospect. Take pride in something so honorable.

Encourage this moment by walking out of our comfy little homes to act, serve, stand proud and deliver and never tear down.

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