October 6, 2009

First do no harm...

Wholesome youthfulness. Integrity. Silliness. Spontaneity. Sex.

When I say teen to myself. This is what I typically conjure.

Not mad, rabid, homicidal brain stompers.

Through the years, our last three generations have witnessed major violent accosting.

The World Wars were fought primarily by young teens as well as many of the global atrocities. We all must keep in mind, life expectancy was shorter. People were married by 16, families in early twenties. If you lived beyond 50 you were doing great.

The genocides and village wars have been fought by young teens wielding heavy artillery. Life is not easy anywhere on this globe.

Having said that, if you promote being community oriented, you can not help but WANT dignity and promise within your neighborhood. Self respect and respect for others should always be the goal.

In the rural settings we have become plagued by armed violence.

Urban dwellings seem to foster both armed violence and random acts of heinous, homicidal outburst.

The Gang Frenzy, as I typically categorize it, is my least favorite. I abhor gangs, as I have frequently shared before, but these latest attacks and their turf wars have me particularly concerned.

Initially, our thoughts go to the state of mind of the teen. Unfortunately, due to my line of employment, I have seen the more sinister evolution. The rotten parenting that is now the norm. Decades ago, when I was new in law enforcement, I had the occasion, pretty regularly, to interact with appalled parents and grandparents. That age is no more. Many offenders are offending with their parents and elders who also engage in other criminal activity within the home. This sad testament of society should really have those of us who are concerned alarmed.

The past few weeks have also proven that society is in a downward spiral.

My usually upbeat sentiments are peppered with the grim reality that slouches beget slouches. Families are turning out spawns that beat their fellow classmates to death with railway ties .

While I continue to maintain, per person, per population, we remain well within what is considered normal numbers for violence, it is so disheartening due to the nature of the violence. Young minds against young minds.

From pilgrims & indians, cops & robbers, to the mobs & slasher movies, our society covets deviant behavior and often rewards it.

I have no idea on how to band aid our violent history. From the lynchings to Emmet Till to now "hey, black folks we are killing ourselves". To the gang factions/polish/vietnemese/italian/mexican/puertorican/black and their battles. The Mafia, the "Drug Cartel" and "terrorists"...to me they are all in one: Angry. Disrespectful. Violent. Stupid. Shameful.

What do we do? My hope and quest is that we educate. From the tribal ritualistic maiming to the assassinations in the U.S.: Respect. Tolerance. PEACE.

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