September 5, 2009

Seriously, Does This Look Like Your President??

Oh, LOOK! he's attempting to read to little children while we're being attacked by Al Queda!

Oh, wrong administration.


We have a President and Vice-President who DO read and very well, I might add.

They are ATTORNEYS, not "C" students.

They are not some regime off on another planet looking to BIG-BROTHER your conservative household.

SO WHAT the PRESIDENT is actually concerned and wishes to reduce recidivism, truancy, violence and cultural ignorance by encouraging minds to continue THINKING - how is that a bad thing? Wishing our legacy one of growth, not little sponges of warped ideology and avoidance.

He,like Queen Rania of Jordan, are thinking BEYOND our little consumed bubble to the fact that there are other people on the planet that we must learn about and engage.

We can not do that sticking our flags in our pockets running around going me, me, me.

I embrace our Founding principles just like everyone else. But MY beliefs are not necessarily that of my neighbors, here and abroad, and I am secure enough in who I am and what I believe that I can encourage others to feel that way too.

The fear conservatives have unleashed is a testament to their character which goes against the very principles they preach. They hate and it is so sad.

They are so angry they can not see.

So hypocritical and consumed with vile that it sickens me.

THAT is what I DON'T want my child to see.

The lies. The screaming. The name-calling.

Though my child attends a VERY conservative school, it teaches and encourages and embraces students from all over the globe. Tolerance. Peace. Shalom. Paix. Salam. ACHUKMA....PEACE BREEDS TOLERANCE!

If we are all in fact moving in the right direction, one of progress or we'll be moving to futility?

It is time to play nice.

Having endured eight long disastrous years under an administration riddled with war and economic strife, please give dignity a chance.

If your President wants to wish your kids a good school year, be they home-schooled, Christian/Arabic/Judaic/Chinese/Native American/ schooled - embrace that.

This is a GOOD thing.

At the end of the day, the responsibility is yours ~ listening to a 10 minute chat via satellite, no matter what he says - hello - we are used to incoherent banter - is welcomed.

I am so tired of the battle every step of the way, when we sat back quietly and let the country fall to ruin. After all, it was their watch.

Stick your chest out Americans and make your global community proud.

The Whiny Ninnie era has ended, starting today.

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