September 6, 2009

Glory For A Day

The day began in Joe DiMaggio park with Starbucks. What better way to honor my first place Yankees! {I will never give up on my Sox who beat Boston last night}.

The sun was perfect as was the sky. It was a perfect day and I am thankful to have been alive to witness it.

Sand and surf.

Laughter and lake air.

The promises of a summer's passing, lingering for all to embrace.

A very good day indeed.


Tom said...


I didn't know that Chicago HAD a Joe DiMaggio statue, even though I've been to the area around UIC quite a few times.

However, in view of the fact that the statue is in the heart of "little Italy", it actually makes a lot of sense:,_Chicago

There are also Joe DiMaggio parks in San Francisco (I've had a meal at DiMaggio's restaurant out there)and Hollywood, Florida, but not in New York.

Houseonahill said...

"but not in New York" ?? wonder what that is all about??? LOL! Wow!

Thanks Tom!