August 19, 2009

Cusack, John

I have a cluster of freckles on my right arm that resemble Cassiopeia.

Well, more succinctly, they resemble the "Trio in Leo" but since I am forever a John Cusack fan, AND I enjoy saying "Cassiopeia", that is my story - and I'm sticking to it!



My two favorite John Cusack movies are "Sure Thing" and "Serendipity" where he mentions Cassiopeia in both!

Back in 1985 I was a doe-eyed senior graduating high school.

After a pre-teen era of Judy Blume followed by teen rite of passage movies with the beloved and recently passed-on John Hughes, what could be better than having John Cusack move us to the next phase!

With the "Sure Thing" John falls for Daphne Zuniga. I recently re-watched it and the charm remains.

A fellow Chicagoan - John is from Evanston - he has had quite the knack for being the guy's guy and the gal's sensitive sexy guy.

I adore him.

Through the years, I have waved at him after leaving "The Metro" and sauntering pass the "Gingerman" where he would often play late-night pool.

I have told him "Hello" at the "Star of Siam" while my parents inquired "Who IS that?" {"No no mother, he is not a potential suitor!" was my reply. "He's a big star,Ma! Ugh" I would exclaim.}

He has been such a force and indelible part of my adulthood's progression, that I had to let the Universe know!

He may feel second fiddle to Jeremy Piven, or off-beat on his trodden path, but his true fans know him for who he is.

Passionate, creative, leader of his craft, an actor's actor, a true performer and man of class.

From the classic scene in "Say Anything"

to "High Fidelity"

to "Grace Is Gone"

John Cusack has been at the top of his game for decades, and I think of him every time I look at my arm.



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