July 20, 2009

*Still Baracking this House*

{My thoughts after reading "Siditty" & "LosAngelista"'s posts}

I watched the MSNBC episode on Maddow LIVE.

I was too shocked and horrified by the mixture of my emotions to comment, only saying on Twitter "Do we start with the PatnBayBuchanans or the momsinthepark? LosAngelista.com".

I was overwhelmed by the delivery my President {I LOVE saying that after NOT saying it for 8 years} gave the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People and then mortified by Pat Buchanan.

Seriously, "everybody is covered by the 14th amendment unless you are a white guy and your parents and ancestors came from Europe then we can discriminate against you..." ????

I am so confused and disgusted that his argument could even come out of his mouth. I am so incredibly nauseated by his thoughts, and those who think like him, that I could stab my eyes out.

We always knew this is what folks like him thought, but to hear it now, out in the open being spewed on LIVE television, well is actually a good thing. It's out. It's out for ALL to see and hear.

Let's use this opportunity to discuss, dialogue, move forward, teach our kids and hopefully, like my BLACK PRESIDENT said "In 100 years from now on the 200th Anniversary of the NAACP, let it be said that this generation did its part..."

Make it so #1!


Tom said...


there's an old saying that the religious right ... is neither ...

as I read through the Wikipedia story about Mr. Buchanan, I realized that we don't have a lot in common ... and that's a good thing ...


Houseonahill said...

Wow, I love you Tom.

Kristen said...

I have to say I agree with you - I'm glad this is out. I know a lot of ignorant people think this way, but they filter from speaking it out loud. Buchanan just laid it all out . . . but now it just gives us a chance to REFUTE, and it makes him look like a moron.

Houseonahill said...


Thanks for stopping in and sharing your comment. "Moron" being the perfect word! LOL!