July 19, 2009

Blogher - Chicago - 2009 YAY!

Just wanted to share my "Getting to know you before, during, and after Blogher 09" post that our friend Denise Tanton, who authors Flamingo House Happenings, asked us to write.

Denise is the Community Manager of Blogher.com. Pop over to Blogher to see what she said, as always, it's a hoot!

Spunky and smart she epitomizes what Blogher is all about!

Us ~ fun-loving, full of life, sharing, living and doing our part to get through our journey. What a statement about womanhood - I am so thrilled.

Anyway, here is what I penned:


Hey Denise and fellow Blogher gals!

A native Chicagoan, born and raised, this will be my first Blogher Conference!

I am a civil servant closing in on my 20th year in local government.

I started my blog two years ago and it saved my life. The drudgery of a day job such as mine zapped the life and creativity from my bones. While I love what I do, the nature of law enforcement can make even the happiest person question humanity!

I have enjoyed belonging to Blogher, reading other gals; their hopes and dreams, fears and fantasies. I have become friends with awesome spirits and have gained knowledge of so many things I did not know.

Looking forward to the sessions, being a bit nervous about what to wear, and hoping it does not snow are a few of my thoughts on the upcoming week.

Warm and a total hugger, I will be the one running up to hug you so if you have personal space issues - do turn the other way!

This will be such a great time - Chicago may be many things but for those who know this city well, we are friendly and loving ~ yes the muggers too {just kidding} - it is a big city, be prepared to be careful but also to enjoy our hospitality.

Enjoy a Chicago-style hot dog {they have vegan kinds too}, take in the lakefront, be sure to see Navy Pier - and grab me, I'd be glad to tell you all I know about the Chi!

See you soon!


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