March 13, 2009


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Okay, I know there are MORE pressing things going on in this battered world ~ more reason to post about this and emit some RAGE!

Some things are sacred. Some things are just meant to be. Somethings identify a city (Golden Gate Bridge and Eiffel Tower come to mind) and any thought to rename them an ineffable discussion. Somethings give people pleasure and a sense of home and for Chicagoans, that is the Lake Shore Drive and the Sears Tower.

Imagine waking up and your top news is that a European/London-based firm has rented the Sears Tower and plans to rename it the WILLIS Tower!!!!

That's like buying a taco and calling it a hot dog! Got a cat, hell just call it a fish! Really, does nothing garner respect??? I seriously almost threw up in my mouth a little -- NOT HEALTHY.

To further complicate matters...I recently moved to a home that has a beautiful, and what I thought was historic, view of THESEARSTOWER. Every day I wake up and look lovingly at its statuesque glory. Knowing it is there somehow makes my day. The antennas illuminating the clouds at night glowing through my window against a dark black sky.

Who hasn't flown into Chicago O'Hare (will they rename that too soon??) and known that they were home as the flight circled over Lake Michigan, looping around the steel and beamed building, on the final descent.

If you are a Chicagoan, love a Chicagoan, or plain and simply LOVE CHICAGO, PLEASE contact the Willis Group just to voice your discontent.

WE've been through this before, WE STILL call Macy's Marshall Fields downtown, but bombarding Terry Lundgren didn't work and this won't either, but it will make you feel better if you care! I FEEL ALOT BETTER!

I will just put the reply with the one I received from Terry Lundgren, and sigh every time I wake up and see the WILLIS TOWER as I drink my coffee...NOTHING ever stays the same, I suppose. C'est la vie.

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